Legal editing, drafting assistance and legal translation

Editing services (English text only)

Legal editing and drafting assistance by an English-speaking lawyer-linguist is available at a standard hourly rate.

• Standard 2014 editing rate: €120 an hour (excl BTW)

The standard rate is charged unless specifically agreed otherwise.

There is also a low rate and a high rate. The low rate (€80 an hour) is charged for simple matters of a personal nature. The high rate (€200 an hour) is charged for certain unusual, complicated or important assignments, especially if drafting is involved. A lawyer-linguist is also available to work in house, either regularly as a helpdesk or for special projects as an adviser. A different rate applies. Please contact him for details.

Translation services (Uncertified translations from Dutch to English only)

• Standard 2014 translation rate: €0.23 cents per word in original text (excl BTW)

Additional charges

The regular Dutch VAT of 21% is charged and payable for all services.

For urgent or last-minute assignments, a surcharge of 25% (excl BTW) may be added.


To submit a document for editing, please contact Jurisfluence by e-mail at or by phone at 06 53 73 96 31. When giving the assignment, please include relevant information about the nature of the assignment and invoicing information.

An estimated completion time and quote will be given, usually after the document has been reviewed first. If you agree, the assignment will then proceed.

Jurisfluence will send an invoice by e-mail after the assignment is completed.

Jurisfluence’s general terms and conditions for editing and translation services apply. They are available on request.